Young Atom Optician Conference

YAO 2002

Volterra (Pisa, Italy) 13-18 April 2002


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Cassa di Risparmio di Volterra


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Travel Info


 How to reach Pisa

Pisa can be easily reached by plane or train. The Pisa International Airport (airport code PSA) is located a few kilometers from the city center (city bus connections available). Information on city bus lines can be found at

A searchable timetable for train connections within most European countries can be found at or in the web page of the Italian railways company, http://

Tourist information on the city of Pisa can be found in many web sites. Useful web addresses for a general overview of the city, including maps are: 


Here you can download a useful map of Pisa.

News about the famous leaning tower are available on the web site: 


 Transfer from Pisa to Volterra

A special bus service will be offered to participants from Pisa to Volterra, on Saturday 13 April, and from Volterra to  Pisa (railway station and airport) on Thursday 18 April.
Participants will be promptly informed of detailed timetable.
Participants arriving later or leaving earlier may use public transport service (train and bus) to arrive in Volterra.
You can reach Volterra from Pisa via Pontedera: bus from Pisa to Pontedera N. 190 (timetable) and bus from Pontedera to Volterra (timetable). Pontedera can be reached from Pisa also by train, please check the Italian railway timetable


 Volterra tourist information

A brief history and a short description of museums and historical places in Volterra and in the surrounding region can be found in:

A useful web address for a general overview of the city, including maps is: 



Interactive maps of Italian cities, which allows the user to locate a specific address, can be found at (page in Italian language only).