Young Atom Optician Conference

YAO 2002

Volterra (Pisa, Italy) 13-18 April 2002


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Cassa di Risparmio di Volterra


Last Updated: 11.01.02

The Young Atom Opticians 2002 conference (YAO 2002) is a meeting for European Ph.D. students and Post-docs working on Atom Optics, Cold Collisions, Quantum Degenerate Gases and Atom Lithography. The conference is traditionally organized by PhD students of the Cold Quantum Gases. The YAO 2002 meeting will also be supported by the Cold Atoms and Ultra-precise Atomic Clock and by the NanoSnom European Training Networks. The participation is extended to all the European young researchers working in Atom Optics and Nano Optics. The conference is also funded by the European Science Foundation, through the BEC2000+ programme. 

The conference will be held in Volterra (Italy), in April 2002.

Topics of the conference are:

Bose-Einstein Condensation
Quantum Degenerate Gases and Macroscopic Quantum Systems
Collisions in Cold and Ultra-Cold Samples  
Atomic Clocks and Applications to Metrology  
Atom Lithography
Quantum Computing
Nano Optics
Near Field Optics


As a tradition of the YAO meeting, two senior speakers are invited. The YAO 2002 participants will enjoy  the presence of:

Prof.  W. D. Phillips (NIST, Gaithersburg, USA)

Prof. D. Meschede (IAP, Bonn, Germany)