Young Atom Optician Conference

YAO 2002

Volterra (Pisa, Italy) 13-18 April 2002


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Cassa di Risparmio di Volterra

DTA Scientific Imaging


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List of Submitted Abstracts:


Anderlini Marco


Photoionization of Bose-Einstein condensates
Aussibal Christine Poster Manipulation of neutral atoms in magnetic micro-traps
Bach Radka Oral Spontaneous emission of atoms via collisions of Bose-Einstein condensates
Bartenstein Markus Oral Interactions of Lithium Atoms in a Resonator-Enhanced Dipole Trap
Batär Alexander Poster Setup for a two component quantum gas
Botti Laura Poster Interference between different Rubidium Dark states 
Bretin Vincent Oral Bose-Einstein condensates under rotation
Burchianti Alessia Poster Light induced atomic description from siloxane surface: general features and applications as loading technique for a vapor coated cell MOT  
Carusotto Iacopo Oral Light propagation in slow group velocity media
Chelkowski Simon Oral Sagnac Interferometry with Cold Atoms (CASI)
Collin Anssi Poster Creation of a Monopole in a Spinor Condensate
Cubizolles Julien Oral Mixture of Degenerate Atomic Gases: Bosonic 7Li and Fermionic 6Li 
Degenhardt Carsten Poster Ultracold Calcium Atoms for Optical Frequency Standards and Cold Collision Studies
Fauquembergue Marie Poster Transport of a Bose-Einstein condensate of rubidium with optical tweezers
Fazio Barbara Poster Prospect for Nanodeposition of Cold Gallium Atoms
Gimpel Hartmut Oral Towards Coherent Matter Wave Optics on Atom-Chip
Gonçalves Manuel Oral Near and far-field optical characterization of Fischer projection patterns
Goral Krzysztof Thermodynamics of an isolated Bose gas and the role of observation
Grabowski Axel Poster A surface magneto optical trap
Hackermüller Lucia Poster An interferometer for large molecules
Hammes Markus Oral Tightly confining optical surface trap
Haug Florian Oral Quantum Fourier transform on a two-dimensional arrays of qubits
Heidemann Rolf Poster Route to BEC and future experiments
Herbig Jens Oral Levitated Cesium atoms in a CO2 Laser Trap: Towards a BEC of Cesium
Koelemij Jeroen Poster A magneto-optical trap for metastable helium at 389 nm
Krämer Tobias Oral Interaction of Cold Metastable Neon Atoms
Le Coq Yann Oral Divergence of an Atom Laser
Ma Zhaoyuan  Poster A quantum gate for optically trapped neutral atoms
Mathee Hans Poster Integration of Light and Atom Optics on an Atom Chip
McKenzie Callum Oral A Bose-Einstein condensate in an optical lattice
Mützel Mario Poster 2-D nanostructuring with atomic beams
Nielsen Carsten  Vandel   Poster Studies of cooled and trapped magnesium atoms
Nyushkov Boris Poster Femtosecond laser for metrological applications
O'Dell Duncan Poster Rotons in a Bose-Einstein condensate
Öttl Anton Poster Ultra-Refractive Photonic Crystals, Colloidal Opals, and Photonic Band Gaps in the THz-range
Petra Stefan Oral Atom Lithography with 1D and 2D optical masks
Poulsen Uffe Oral Scattering on a Bose-Einstein condensate
Rehbein Nils Oral Ultra-cold Magnesium atoms 
Roger-Salazar Jesus Poster Depicting the quantum state of a trapped Bose-Einstein condensate
Rossi Alessandro Oral Laser frequency stabilization using purely optical reference
Ruffert Christine Oral Builiding a red-detuned optical dipole trap for a 87Rb-BEC
Ruseva Valentina Poster Laser Sources for a New Optical Clock Using Cold Metastable Magnesium Atoms
Schlunk Sophie Poster Investigating Quantum Chaos with Laser-Cooled Cesium Atoms
Schulte Thomas Oral Vortex-Vortex interactions in toroidally trapped Bose-Einstein condensates
Seidelin Signe Poster A Bose-Einstein Condensate of Metastable Atoms
Sidorenko Sergei Poster Atom lithography with Indium and fabrication of III-V semiconductor nanostructures
Smirne Giuseppe Oral New Experiments with a BEC in an optical Lattice
Smith Nathan Oral Experimantal Observation of a Superfluid Gyroscope in Rubidium 87
Sorrentino Fiodor Poster Measurement of the E2 transition probability in Ca and metrological applications
Stas Roland Poster A magneto-optical trap for metastable helium at 389 nm
Tantussi Francesco Poster A cold and highly collimated Cesium beam: realization and characterization 
Theis Matthias Poster Setup of a magnetic transport apparatus for experiments on a Rubidium BEC
Torabi-Goudarzi Firuz Poster Optical Manipulation of a cold Atomic Beam from a Rubidium Funnel
Treutlein Philipp Oral Bright atomic solitons for repulsive interactions?
Tychkov Andrey Poster Evaporative cooling of metastable helium atoms
Verchovski Anton K.


Squeezing a cold ensemble of Cs atoms for precision measurements and quantum communication